Handbook for PhD Students

This PhD Handbook serves a dual purpose: it defines the research methodology of our group and gives general advice to students, and it sets out standards and processes which all students in the group are expected to strive for.

Blog direct link

The group maintains a blog to promote our research and to generate quality content for search engines. Blog posts may cover various topics, including:

  • Promoting a recently published paper
  • Tutorials about interesting techniques
  • Proposing a new challenge and early results
  • Code and data releases
  • Reports from conference events

Blog posts should be written in an engaging and accessible style, and with a broad audience in mind. Make good use of illustrative examples and visuals (graphics, videos). Writing blog posts is good practice for accessible writing, and provides an outlet for you to promote your work and ideas.

To write your blog post, download the template file and follow the steps in the README file. I recommend using Brackets to edit your files. You can add a spellchecker plugin in Brackets. Your web browser displays the file 'blog-template.htm' exactly as it will appear on the group homepage.