Handbook for PhD Students

This PhD Handbook serves a dual purpose: it defines the research methodology of our group and gives general advice to students, and it sets out standards and processes which all students in the group are expected to strive for.

Meetings direct link

You should adopt a particular approach to our individual meetings: use it as a resource, and come prepared to maximise the outcome for you. Each meeting should follow the following structure:

1) What was the state of your work at the last meeting, and what did we agree you would do for the next meeting?
2) Discuss your progress, problems, ideas
3) Propose what to do next, until the next meeting

Preparing for the meeting means that you give some thought to 2) and 3) before the meeting. During the meeting, you should note down all work tasks we agreed to do, which can be used for 1) at the next meeting.

If you want more detailed technical feedback on an idea, it is best if you can send me a write-up of the idea prior to the meeting. Writing it up is also immensely helpful to clarify your own perspective.