Stefano V. Albrecht

Informatics Forum, 2.06
10 Crichton Street
Edinburgh EH8 9AB
United Kingdom


Dr. Stefano V. Albrecht

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Artificial Intelligence in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, where I lead the Autonomous Agents Research Group. In my role as Royal Society Industry Fellow, I work with a team at FiveAI to develop AI technologies for autonomous driving in urban environments. I am also affiliated with the Alan Turing Institute where I lead the effort on multi-agent systems research.

Dr Stefano Albrecht at the Royal Society My research interests are in the areas of autonomous agents, multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning, and game theory, with a focus on sequential decision making under uncertainty. The long-term goal of my research is to create intelligent autonomous agents capable of robust interaction with other agents to accomplish tasks in complex environments.

Previously, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas at Austin in Peter Stone's group. I obtained PhD and MSc degrees in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, and a BSc degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Darmstadt. I received fellowships from the Royal Society, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung).


MSc course: Reinforcement Learning (INFR11010)


I am always looking for talented students who have a deep interest in autonomous systems and want to work on challenging research problems. If you need inspiration for research topics, take a look at our surveys on agents modelling other agents and multi-agent reinforcement learning. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss research ideas.

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