Handbook for PhD Students

This PhD Handbook serves a dual purpose: it defines the research methodology of our group and gives general advice to students, and it sets out standards and processes which all students in the group are expected to strive for.

Presentation and Poster direct link

Presentation: Create your presentation slides using the group's slide templates (can be used with most slide software, including Google Slides): Slide template1, Slide template 2

  • Rule of thumb: plan for 1 minute per content slide
  • Speak clearly and not too quickly
  • Make good use of visuals (images, videos) to explain ideas and results
  • In results plots, it's a good idea to first show and explain the axes, then show the data in next step
  • Do practice talks in group meetings to get feedback

Poster: We don't have a poster template but here are some examples (example 1, example 2). These were generated with Latex using the 'baposter' document class. You can also use Powerpoint/Keynote or similar software to make posters.

  • Design your poster so you can deliver your complete pitch in 1-2 minutes
  • Practice your pitch while designing your poster - imagine standing next to it and pointing with your finger
  • Don't print text/images too small, it should be readable from 2 meters distance
  • Include enough detail so that the poster also works alone - people may read your poster when you're not around
  • Show your poster around in the group to get feedback