Handbook for PhD Students

This PhD Handbook serves a dual purpose: it defines the research methodology of our group and gives general advice to students, and it sets out standards and processes which all students in the group are expected to strive for.

Your PhD timeline direct link

Creating a timeline (Gantt chart) of your activities is a useful tool to keep track of your PhD work. Examples of activities include:

  • Coursework (state course acronyms)
  • Teaching (state course acronyms)
  • Research (this could be further broken down, e.g. reading, implementation, evaluation, etc)
  • Paper writing for conference X
  • Internship at company Y
  • Interruption (state reason)

Keeping track of your activities helps you reflect on how you use your time, and whether you may want to adjust your work plans/habits to make more efficient use of your time.

All students in the group should maintain a PhD timeline using some timeline chart software. One option is GanttProject, but many other apps exist. You can use the software to export an image which you can share with me and use in your annual PhD review meetings. I will periodically reach out to request updated PhD timelines so I have them on file.